Pool details

Ticker: APLAT

Yoroi ID: 49641c63844ab3337fb81818e12e38d9b434257e4d501b2013533d5c

Daedalus ID: pool1f9jpccuyf2enxlacrqvwzt3cmx6rgft7f4gpkgqn2v74c6jatyf

Fixed fee per epoch: 340 ADA (recommended minimum by the network)

Variable fee per epoch: 1%

Amount of ADA pledged by the pool operators: 12,000 ADA

Pool registration: 02/2021

Pool Parameters

Our pool has a 1% fee

Cardano suggests a minimum pool cost of 340 ADA. This is to reward stakepool operators for the running costs associated with stakepool server hardware. This amount is subtracted from the total pool rewards after each epoch (5 days), and then the rewards are divided between the delegators.


If the total pool rewards for an epoch is 10,000 ADA, we first subtract the pool fee of 340 ADA (the pool cost). That leaves 9,660 ADA as rewards.

Based on the 9,660 ADA, the pool receives 1% (966 ADA) and the rest of the rewards (8,694 ADA) are distributed to the delegators.

The total pool rewards for an epoch varies based on the calculations made by the protocol.

When do I receive my rewards?

The way the Cardano protocol works is by taking a snapshot of the delegation status for all wallets between each epoch. As an example, the cycle is as follows:

The payment schedule is the same for all pools on Cardano, as the payment of rewards is handled 100% by the protocol itself. Pool operators have zero influence on the payments – we simply make the blocks, and the protocol does the rest.

What is saturation?

Once a pool is fully saturated, you can still delegate to it, but it will not earn the maximum possible rewards. The rewards will simply be shared between more delegators, hence giving you less rewards. Always delegate to a pool that’s green and below 95% saturation.

Why stake with us?

Always Online

We have systems in place to ensure 99.9% uptime of our servers.

Full Control

You have complete control of your staked ADA. It is not ‘locked in’ and you can move it freely.

Perfect Scaling

Whenever the requirements for Cardano stake pools change, our servers will scale to meet the recommended requirements.

Supports African PRODUCE, trading & exports

We believe ADA will play an integral part in the African trade industry over the next 20 years.